Well my friends, change is in the air.  And Minnie can sense it.  So much so that she is back to her old habits of causing mischief and mayhem by eating ant traps, bolting out of the car immediately after I open the door, and just eating things she’s not supposed to.  I THOUGHT WE WERE PAST THIS MINNIE!!!! *cries*  Seriously though, I think she knows something is up and does not like it one bit.  I don’t know if it is the fact that my room is more of a disaster than usual due to packing…

Let's play ispy!

Let’s play I spy!

 Or the fact that everyone else is packing up and leaving.  Devon has already been gone for a good week or more,  Sabrina since June, Kelly is in and out, Joann just left yesterday, and David is leaving today for at least a month until we reunite to leave for Korea.  So no wonder Minnie is eating a few ant traps… her pack is being destroyed before her eyes and there is nothing she can do about it.  Poor thing.

So Pathetic!

So Pathetic!

Well even though poor Minnie is upset and I know I’m going to miss her and my “pack” as well, I can’t help but get more and more excited for our trip!!!! It is getting so close and I just want to leave already! My life right now consists of packing, working, and reading blogs about Korea.  And all it serves to do is get me more pumped! I cannot wait!



Back on Track!

The saga of my wayward CRC form has finally come to a conclusion, as the prodigal document turned up at last in my mailbox today. Celebrations are of course in order, but now we’ve got to turn right around and send the whose-its to the wheres-its for the whats-its in this endless chain of bureaucratic transmissions. I’ll be extra special careful to write my correct address on everything from now on.

The next big milestone for me comes on this coming Saturday, when I pull up stakes from Eugene and fly back to my ancestral home. I’ll spend few weeks in Poway, California, before I come back to Oregon to coordinate with Tara on the next stage of the journey (the part where we actually leave). We still have no idea when we’re finally going, but it keeps feeling closer!

Two days ago, four of my best friends assembled to give me a semi-surprise farewell party. We grilled steaks, went to see The Wolverine (which was pretty spiffy), and then we came back to my house and stayed up until five in the morning singing karaoke at the top of our lungs. The night was glorious and beautiful, and though I paid for it woefully in the morning I’m just so grateful to have friends like I do.

God willing, my brief return to Oregon will coincide with my friend Bau’s beach camping extravaganza, so I’ll get to see all my friends one more time before I go. And I’m still trying to figure out how to get to Seattle before the final farewell so I can see another set of friends. I have a lot of friends, it turns out. Who knew? I’m going to miss them.