Beginning the Visa Process for S. Korea

Over the next couple of months, David and I will be working on getting our documents together to head over to Korea.  This is probably the most annoying and complex process I have ever encountered as far as paperwork goes.  Here are the steps as I understand them.  Feel free to skip this post if you want but I have a feeling some of you are curious about the whole process even though it is quite boring.

1) Apply for a Criminal Record Check (CRC).  David and I did this about 3 weeks ago.  This is the first thing you want to do because it can take up to 12 weeks! The CRC is done through the FBI.  You have to get professionally fingerprinted then send your prints to the FBI, along with a lot of paperwork, including a letter asking for the CRC to be “authorized” by some important person.  Once that is done, you wait!  When the CRC is returned to us, we will send them in to be apostilled.  This means that they will be officially authenticated and it costs a lot of money.

2) We also have to get 5 passport photos.  4 to send to Korea (God knows what they do with them).  1 to give to the Korean Consulate.  We attempted to get these done at Wal-mart but the photo shop went out of business…. Lesson: never trust Wal-mart.  So we are opting with Costco instead.

3) Another item we have to get appostilled is a copy of our diploma.  If you don’t remember what appostilled means, it basically means that the copy of the diploma is an authentic copy of an authentic diploma… Like I said, complex.  In order to do this we have to make copies of our diplomas, have them notarized (first authentification), then, drive all the way to the state capital and have them appostilled (second authentification).  Luckily, one of my roommates is a notary, so that will save us some money.

5)  Fill out a very basic self-declaring health form.

6) Update the ole resume.

7) A photo copy of the information page of our passports.

Once all this is done, we send the documents to the Adventure Teaching office in S. Korea and they will start looking for a job for us.  Pretty much we are just waiting on the CRC to return and we will be moving right a long.

By the way, this is only part of the documents process.  This doesn’t even describe the second half of the documentation we need which includes applying for a visa and such.  That happens after we get our job offers.  Horray bureaucracy!


Giving my “two weeks”

I’m so excited because today I am officially turning in my “two weeks”.  Really more like three months… but whatever.  My official last day will be August 24th and I cannot wait!  Working at MOC has been a pretty good job as far as minimum wage jobs go.  The benefits are pretty good and my boss tries really hard to be flexible about scheduling.  It is still just a minimum wage job that feels very unfulfilling to me.  I hate working for the capitalist system in such a direct way that it often makes me really angry.  One example is the way “the system” encourages rude behavior is horrible.  The loud, mean, and complaining customers get what they want (discounts, free food, whatever).  Managers will do anything to keep people shopping there.  Sure, nice people get an extra large sample sometimes but that’s about it.  It’s the mean ones that get their way.  And that is true for pretty much anywhere a capitalist system is in place.  The only people that ever get banned from our store are those that steal things and I just found out that one of the girls I work with was wrongly accused of stealing.  She went and explained what happened, got the ban lifted, and later got a job ?!  Anyways, people often think of the capitalist system from the money perspective and how it creates these corporations that only care about money…. this is true.  I think I have also just noticed some of the secondary effects of what is happening.  We are creating more and more people to treat other people like crap through a Pavlovian dog system.  It’s very nice.

Anyways, that was a tangent. I’m happy about my “two weeks”!  The end is near!  I can see the light at the end of the tunnel!!!  Horray!