New Job, New Apartment, New Week!

New Job

So a lot has happened over the past week and this weekend we are embarking on a new adventure.  I am being transferred to a different branch of the school we currently work at.  I start Monday at 3pm and have no idea what it will be like.  Luckily though, I will receive a few days of training with the current teacher, so that will be very helpful.  I WILL FINALLY HAVE MY OWN CLASSROOM! Words cannot describe how excited I am for this!  My current job of librarian/artist/scientist/ teacher was really fun but I never felt like I could really get a handle on the situation because they were someone else’s students.  Now though, I will get my own room that I can decorate, write my own homework, and enforce my own rules.  It is going to be great!

There are a couple cons to me having to move. First, I will have to commute. 😦   I know most of the world does this but I am not a fan of commuting, even though it will only be about 20-30 minutes a day.  David and I were able to walk 15 minutes to the school for the past two weeks and that was really awesome!  We got to talk about our plans for the day and enjoy some light exercise together.  Now, I will be riding the bus by myself.  I plan on downloading some good audiobooks for the ride, so if anyone has any suggestions…

The second drawback is that by leaving, the other teachers will go back to almost zero prep time.  Every class I did gave each teacher a half hour prep (so times that by 3 and they got an extra hour and half prep time per week).  David is luckily and has an hour and half prep on Tuesdays that he gets paid for, but some of the other teachers do not have any.  So I feel bad leaving them.

Finally, I’m going to miss some of the classes a lot!  I know I will have my own children now, but I definitely had some favorites at the Uijeongbu branch.  Maybe I will be able to go visit sometime.

New Apartment

When David and I signed our contract with our new location, we were promised an apartment with a separate bedroom.  So imagine our surprise upon walking into the apartment and finding a studio… spacious, but still a studio.  Upon further inspection, we discovered that there was not any furniture, except a mattress (no sheets or blankets), fridge, t.v., cable, and internet.  No table or chairs, no desks.   Just a room with a mattress.   We were not too happy about it.  Neither was our recruiter who proceeded to call the owner and speak sternly to him.  He then came to our apartment with his son and promised to have us in a bigger apartment within two weeks!

Lo and behold, yesterday we moved into said apartment and so far we love it.  Even though there was a mix-up and we don’t have a bed.  We are supposed to get that tomorrow.  So right now we are sleeping on a mat on the floor (Korean style!).  We have upgraded in pretty much every way.  We now have a kitchen/ dining room  with a separate bedroom.  The apartment is pretty spacious for our needs and we hope to get a dining room table and chairs.  Our bedroom also came equipped with a bright orange desk with bedazzled handles.  It is cute though!  The only thing I will miss about our old place is the huge bathroom!  It was so big that when you showered, the whole other half of the bathroom stayed dry.  Our bathroom now is smaller but the apartment overall is nicer.  Plus we have a super high tech front door! Pictures to come once we are more unpacked!



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