Adventures of Tara Teacher

*Disclaimer: In South Korea, it is completely legal and awesome to post pictures of your students online.

When we first arrived at our apartment, one of the Korean Supervisors met us and proceeded to tell David all about his classes for Monday.  She then looked at me and said, “And I don’t know what you are doing.”  It turns out my job is a little different and it might be changing, even in the next week.  Right now I am Tara Teacher, Tara Artist, Tara Scientist, and Tara Librarian.   On Mondays I do library with each class, on Wednesdays it’s art, and Fridays I do science “kits”.  The other times I go to each class and help the teacher with whatever they need.  Sometimes that means helping students, but mostly that means I laminate, cut, and grade.  I don’t mind too much though, especially since I know it is not permanent and it really helps the other teachers out.

We also had our first field trip!  It was to a music museum and, honestly, it was a little boring.  The most eventful parts were probably the bus ride there and back.  If you saw my facebook you probably saw the kindies singing One Direction and just being silly.  The kindergartners got a tour in Korean so we did not understand anything that was being said.  I did take quite  a few pictures though.  So enjoy!

Overall, I really enjoy working at this new place and am excited to see what the future brings!



3 thoughts on “Adventures of Tara Teacher

  1. I’ve been somewhat creepily reading through your blog and enjoying it! I’m a teacher up in Jihaeng so we’re practically neighbors 🙂
    Also I didn’t know that it’s legal to post pictures of students online- definitely starting to post all those cute pictures I’ve saved up ASAP.
    Hope you’re still liking Uijeongbu! I come down to grab Starbucks and go to Cost-co every few weeks.

    • Sorry it took me so long to respond to this! Things have been a little crazy at work the last couple days! About the photo thing, I’m not exactly sure it is “legal” but all I know is all the korean staff and other foreign teachers post pictures on their facebook and other social media all the time! So I think it is not really a big deal here.
      I still have not been to the Cost-co yet!! Is it worth the trip? I am afraid that if I go, I will just blow my whole paycheck! haha. We still love Uijeongbu! It is a great city!
      How big is Jihaeng? I have never heard of it! Is it on line 1?

      • Jihaeng is further north on line 1, 2 stops before Bosan. It’s definitely smaller than Uijeongbu but not super tiny. And I never go to costco when I first get paid haha!

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