Weekly Photo Challenge: Selfie


I have decided to take part in the “Weekly Photo Challenge” from The Daily Post.  It is pretty much exactly what it sounds like.  Each week they post a photo challenge and bloggers all over wordpress complete the challenge.

One thing I have noticed about Koreans (*not ALL Koreans of course, just some) is that they are not afraid of the selfie.  Everywhere you look, selfies are being taken, especially in coffee shops for some reason.  I tend to think this is a good thing.  In America, the selfie is seen as kind of a joke that can have negative connotations if taken too seriously.  But really, why are we so afraid of our own face?  I’ve seen so many entries for this Weekly Photo Challenge that mostly obscure people’s faces or have hardly any part of themselves in it (i.e. just their toes).  Maybe they are just trying to be artistic or whatever… but come on.  It’s a selfie!  I think in the culture we live in, especially for women, it is considered vain to take a picture of yourself.  That’s why I think that Koreans have got it right when it comes to the selfie.  Why shouldn’t we see ourselves and say, “DAMN, I look GOOOOOOD today!”  Then of course you will want to share that with the world.

Anyways, since I came to Korea, I FINALLY have a smartphone.  And let’s just say, I am a little obsessed.  So for MY selfie, I used a photo app called Perfect 365 to give myself a Valentine’s Day makeover!  Enjoy!


My Valentine’s Day look… I wish!

Couple's Valentine's Day selfie
Couple’s Valentine’s Day selfie

David's "artistic" selfie

David’s “artistic” selfie


*One last note about the selfie, Dove recently did a touching video about the topic.  Watch it here!




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