We’ve Arrived!

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Hi friends and family!  So as you may have guessed, we made it to Korea! Horray!  We have been here for a little over 24 hours now and it has been pretty awesome so far.

Our plane ride was sooooo long.  We traveled from Portland to San Francisco (one hour, forty-five minutes), from San Francisco to Incheon (12 hours), from Incheon to Cheonan (one hour, thirty minutes), and finally from Downtown Cheonan to our apartment (20 minutes).  Our flight to Korea sucked, at least for me.  I was in the middle seat and there was no leg room.  Time went by so slow, even when I tried to watch movies (I say tried because I would mostly just fall asleep).  I had only slept about 45 minutes the night before so I was quite tired.  The plane did have pretty great food though.  For one meal we had Bibimbop (pictured above).  Then we had a sandwich for a snack a couple hours later.  And about two hours before we landed we had some interesting parmesan chicken stuff with pasta, fruit, and coleslaw.  It was definitely pretty tasty for plane food.

We were picked up by Demitri, a part-time teacher at the school from Russia.  He was really awesome and gave us lots of advice about living where we live and showed us around to all the food places and such in our area.  He goes to Korea Tech which is basically right across the street from us so that is pretty cool.

Once we got to our apartment we pretty much just made the bed and passed out.  Like most Korean mattresses, ours is a rock! But we were so tired we slept for a full 9-10 hours.  Hopefully we will sleep about the same amount tonight.  I think it was actually good that we stayed up super late the day before we left because we are not too jet-lagged yet.

Today was just spent unpacking, cleaning, and such.  As you can see from the pictures, our apartment is tiny but cozy!  We were hoping for a two bedroom since we are a couple and couples sometimes get bigger apartments.  I guess it just wasn’t in the books for us though.  The only bad things about our apartment are that the shower is broken right now and we already found a HUGE spider in the laundry room.  The shower is missing the knob that you turn to get the water to flow from the sink to the shower head.  So we have been washing our hair in the kitchen sink and just wiping our bodies down with wet wipes… Hope we don’t smell too bad for work tomorrow.  My favorite parts of the apartment are the sliding glass doors and our bookshelf on the side of our desk.  Our bedroom/living room area is basically a square with two sets of sliding glass doors that lead to different parts of the apartment.  They keep the heat in really well which is nice. I want to get some Christmas window stickies to put on them if I can find them.  I hope to put up an “apartment tour” video but I want to buy a new camera first so that the picture quality is better.

As for food, we ate a lot of ramen today.  We had it for breakfast and dinner.  They have a whole aisle dedicated just to ramen at this grocery store right by our house.  It is pretty fun to just pick out a bowl and surprise yourself when you open it!  We obviously have no idea what we are getting into when we buy food except for what is in the picture so it is always an exciting adventure.  There are a lot of different foods that are only about two-five minutes walking distance away.  There are at least two different Korean BBQ places, a burger place, a kimbap place (Korean sushi), and lots of connivence stores that sell lots of delicious looking food.  We are excited to try everything out!

Anyways, post is getting pretty long and I am really tired.  We work tomorrow from 9-6, so look for another post about our first day! Love you and miss you all lots!

P.S.  When David and I are trying to communicate with a Korean person (mostly hand gestures) we accidently speak in Spanish sometimes!  I was trying to tell the girl at the checkout counter, “yes” and instead of saying “ne” in Korean, I kept randomly blurting out “si”.  I also heard David do it when were ordering lunch… Funny how that happens.  If only were were in Mexico…


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