We leave on Friday!

David and I are excited to announce that we leave on Friday, December 13th for Korea (yes, we are flying on “Friday the 13th” *gasp* However, as David noticed, he and I met on a Friday the 13th so it is “kinda our thing”!).  After all this hard work and waiting around as patiently as possible, we will soon be on our flight over the Pacific.  It still does not feel real for me.  I still feel like we are stuck in a limbo state even though we just got our tickets and arrive in Korea at 6pm, Saturday.  Maybe once I start packing for reals (David and I already packed 2 or 3 weeks ago; we were excited), it will sink in.  Or maybe it won’t sink in until we land on Korean soil.  Who knows.   And although it has taken us so crazy long to leave, I am glad it happened this way.  David and I both got to do things we did not think we would get to.  Here is a basic list, hopefully I don’t leave anything out:

  • We got to make an extra trip to Eugene to visit our friends in October.
  • After this trip, we got to celebrate Halloween with my roommates at my parent’s house and go to Sauvie Island (which was a first for both of us).
  • Kelly and I got to watch more Gilmore Girl’s than I thought we would.  I believe we are on season 4.
  • I got to take a really awesome trip to the Bay Area of California where I got to see a Cirque de Soliel performance for the first time, see my family, go wine/champagne tasting for the first time in Napa Valley, and I was reunited with one of my best friends from college, Gaby.
  • David and I got to see Catching Fire and eat Korean food in Portland with my roommates (I am going to forever call them that).
  • I got to hang out with my high school friend group at a delicious hipster bar in Portland.
  • David and I celebrated our second Thanksgiving together with my family.
  • My roommates and I celebrated 13 holidays (including 5 birthdays) in one night… They were sad I wasn’t going to be around so we planned this insane event.  It ended up taking only about 5 hours and most people were passed out sleeping by 10pm.
  • While everyone else was asleep at this holiday spree, I had a three hour heart-to-heart with Kelly <3!
  • I got to see Catching Fire a second time (and I would see it a million more times) and had my first gay bar experience for a friend’s birthday.
  • I have attended Christmas themed events at my parent’s church that I have not gone to since I was a small child.  The first was an advent workshop (aimed at small children, but what can I say, I’m a small child at heart) where David and I crafted a Christmas wreath, two snow globes, and “Snowman Soup” aka delicious hot chocolate that David somehow made wrong.  The second event was the Table Carol Dinner.  You go to the church, eat a Christmas Dinner, then sing Christmas Carols.
  •   Finally, and also semi-painfully, I have spent lots and lots of time snuggling, playing, and walking Minnie.  This has been a blessing and a curse.  A blessing because she is a furry cuddleball.  A curse because it makes it so much harder to leave her.

When I look back on all this stuff I have done in only about two months, I feel very accomplished!  Although the not-knowing feeling is horrible, it has inspired me to live life to the fullest (cough cough *cliche* cough cough).  Even though I will only be gone for a year, my impending departure feels very strongly like the end of an era.  I will be very different by the time I return and so will all my friends.  That’s why it has been so hard to turn down any opportunity that presents itself.  This “pressure” has got me running all over the place but I’ve made a lot of memories over the past weeks that I will treasure forever (I mean who could forget three friends, who shall remain nameless, stuffed in a hotel hot tub aka bathtub for the “fourth of July”).


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