Seattle: Part One

A lot has happened since our last update!  No, we aren’t in Korea yet.  But we have definitively moved into the end game of our mad get-to-Korea scramble.  It’s extremely possible that this coming week will be our last week in the USA.  Are you excited?  I’m pretty stoked.  I never thought we would still be here in December, but I’m still stoked.

Those elusive visa issuance numbers finally came through on Wednesday evening, the night before Thanksgiving.  I suppose I could say “we sure have a lot to be thankful for now!”  But I’ve already said it a bunch, and it’s getting old, so I don’t think I’ll say it anymore.  More important is what comes next!

We spent Thanksgiving itself with Tara’s family, eating and drinking and playing games.  Tara and I were house sitting for some family friends who left town for the holiday, so we left in the evening to resume our task for one more night.  I’m not exactly sure if the Korean consulate was closed for Thanksgiving, but I’m guessing it was and in any event there’s no missing out on a hearty Thanksgiving meal.

Anyway, after an early start yesterday (Friday) morning, I set out on a grueling solo mission: dropping off our passports and visa numbers at the General Consulate in Seattle.  It was solo because Tara had a previous engagement with her friends, and it was grueling because I hadn’t gotten nearly as much sleep as I’d wanted.  But the delivery itself was easy enough, and came with a fine prediction that our visas would be ready by Thursday.  Fantástico!

I spent most of the rest of the day with my good friend Kambra, who lives in Seattle and whom I don’t see nearly enough of.  I have of course been promising her a visit since this summer, so I’m glad I got to keep my promise at last.  Being book nerds, we mostly hopped between used book stores, discussing music and Russian poetry, and eating pastries.  If you’re ever in Seattle, eat a cupcake.  Nothing will ever be wrong again.

Kam and her boyfriend Joel were kind enough to let me stay the night at their house, and we stayed up way too late between cartoons and video games.  As little sleep as I’d had, it’s a wonder I’m even awake now.  But I did wake up around noon, feeling much better than before.

The three of us had lunch at a Mexican place in Fremont called El Camino, which makes some excellent mole sauce, before hitting up another book store and a gelato shop.  Then I drove them back home, before setting out on the freeway once again.  I promised a return visit later this week, once Tara and I are ready and able to pick up our visas. 
Now I’m back in Canby, writing all of this down before it gets too complicated to keep straight.  Things are moving fast now, but it’s great to know we have friends looking out for us.  It’s even better to know the waiting is almost over!


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