Will we ever leave for Korea?

Hey everyone!  Just a quick update.  We are still waiting on our visa numbers.  They were supposed to be done in about 5-10 business days and it has been almost 15!  I have been in contact with our recruiter and she says that everything is fine.  It is just taking a little longer than normal.  I really hope they come soon because I just want to get over there.  Once we get our visa numbers, we still have to drive up to Seattle and get our actual visas from the Korean consulate.  Then we can leave.  Hopefully our Seattle trip will not be very long (mostly because of expenses) but we plan to see old friends while we are up there so that is very exciting!

In the meantime David and I have been pretty busy.  I FINALLY finished my TEFL class and now have a 120 hour certificate.  I have also started studying Korean pretty seriously (I am determined to pick it up quickly!) and it is HARD!  I mean some words are borrowed from the english language but way more are not.  Plus there are sounds in words that I have never had to make in my life.  It’s crazy but fun.  David learned hangul (the Korean writing system) in two or less days.  I am learning it as I learn the language.  I would say on a good day, I have about half the characters memorized.

Here is a picture of just the vowels from ancientscripts.com

Here is a picture of just the vowels from ancientscripts.com

I have also been hanging out with friends and family like crazy!  It has been really fun but like I said, I just want to get over there.

In the meantime, here is a little more about Cheonan that I have been researching (taken from wikipedia).

Cheonan is considered a municipal (meaning it has its own local jurisdiction) city with almost 600,000 people.  It is considered a pretty small city, especially when compared to Seoul which has around 10 million people!  We are located about 1hr and 15minutes from Seoul via train (that costs around $6).  The best part though is that the city animal is a DRAGON and one of their sister cities is Beaverton, OR, which is located about 40 minutes from my parent’s house.

Anyways, I am pretty excited to move there so hopefully it happens soon!



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