Newport Trip Days 1-2

Amidst all the stress of planning our trip to Korea and before we found out about our job, David and I got to take a “free” trip to Newport, OR.  I say free because my mom had a free week of lodging at a campground we belong to and she had to use it before September so she gave it to David and I.  We still spent a fair amount of money on activities and such.  We went there last year but only got to stay a couple days and we were tenting it in the pouring down rain (it was fairly miserable but still a fun time)!  This time we were relaxing in style; we had a 30 foot slide out trailer that was actually a lot nicer than it sounds.  There was plenty of room for both of us and Minnie.  The trailer had a bedroom with a queen size bed,  a kitchen/living room area with a couch and small dining room table.  Then at the back it had two bunk beds and a bathroom.  I wish I had taken pictures.  It was cozy but comfortable.

Anyways, so the first day we got there the weather was actually beautiful!  It was almost 70 degrees and sunny!  Which is not how the Oregon Coast is on most occasions.  We stopped at the Newport Cafe and had our first bowl of clam chowder!

This was probably my favorite bowl of clam chowder that I had of the three I had during the week!

This was probably my favorite bowl of clam chowder that I had of the three I sampled during the week!

Then we ran down to the beach as fast as we could because it was already getting dark!  I was in shorts and a T-shirt on the beach and it was a miracle!   We went back to our trailer, unpacked, went grocery shopping, and played some Final Fantasy IX (Yes, nerdy I know).

The second day we woke up to another beautiful day!  And in true David style, David cooked PANCAKES!  Now David has an obsession with pancakes that even I can not even begin to understand.  One of his biggest worries about moving to Korea was that they would not have pancake mix (I looked it up online and they do). David eats pancakes anytime of day.  At times, when we lived in Eugene, I would call around dinner and he would say he was making pancakes… then we would wake up in the morning and he would want to cook pancakes!  Who does that?!   I mean my roommates nicknamed him Pancakes for goodness sakes.  I guess some people just like certain foods and David LOVES pancakes.

David always tries to make me eat 4 pancakes... he never succeeds.

David always tries to make me eat 4 pancakes… he never succeeds.


Minnie eating a pancake!

Minnie eating a pancake!

Then we packed lunches and walked down to the beach to read, relax, throw sticks for Minnie, and watch her run away from water.  It was a beautiful day.






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