Cheonan Bound

All that anticipation, and at last it’s come to pass.  Two days ago, in the waning hours of our weeklong vacation to the Oregon Coast, Tara and I interviewed over the phone for a job in Cheonan, South Korea.  In short order, we decided to accept that job.  Just last night, we signed our contracts (contracts!).  Our worries of being stuck in limbo for months are now over, because we are heading over as soon as our visa applications are processed and granted.


Tara and I (mostly Tara) have been dilligently collecting information on our new city and our new employers, working through all of our turbulent emotions and generally dancing on a live wire of excitement.  Our departure date has not yet been handed down, but it will likely be at some point in early to mid October.  Once there, we’ll probably hit the ground running with the teaching and the working and stuff.  For now, our energies are turned toward preparing for the transition to Korean life.  We’re buying new clothes (Tara made me buy new clothes) and winding up unfinished business, like Tara’s TEFL class.  Most of all, we’re getting more and more eager.

Of course, we still have a couple of weeks.  In that time, we’re going to visit some friends in Eugene (we have a hard time saying goodbye), and drive to Seattle for a visit to the Korean consulate there.  I am not sure when that trip will be, since its timing is linked to the approval of our work visas, but I’m looking forward to seeing my Seattle friends before the big date.

So, what else is there to say?  Thank you to all the people who have made this possible for us.  Our good luck exceeds all known limits.  Pretty soon, we’ll be blogging about Korea itself.


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