Big breakthrough!

Out of sour news, comes a sweet new development in the saga of getting ourselves to Korea.  We may end up getting there sooner than we’d hoped!

Tara and I spoke on the phone yesterday with a friend of my aunt, a guy named Drew who moved to South Korea five years ago.  In that time he fell in love with a local woman, married her, and settled in to live in Korea permanently.  Suffice to say, the man has connections!  In the time we’ve been communicating, he has given us loads of helpful advice, along with several helpful leads.  And that, my friends, is where we come to our breakthrough!

Through Drew we met Eunice, who works at a recruiter called Ask Now-Eto, and believes she may just have some jobs for us!  This is a very exciting development for us, as it changes our perception of the process.  We have gone from “some time in the next two months, perhaps” to “very possibly in the next couple of weeks” for our likely departure date.  That’s a big deal!  Psychologically, we are reenergized.  The prospect of hanging out in Oregon indefinitely while waiting for a phone call or email was not the sort of excitement we had signed up for.

All that being said, Tara and I want to make it known how grateful we are to Adventure Teaching for taking us through the beginnings of this process.  Our contacts at AT have been nothing apart from helpful and kind to us, and we would gladly recommend them to anyone .  We have just decided to strike while the iron is hot, and get to Korea as quickly as possible!

In other big news, I have indeed returned to Oregon at last.  Until we depart for Korea, I’ll be living with Tara at her parents’ house (in return for mowing the lawn and cooking dinner once or twice a week).  Tara continues working on her TEFL class, while I continue encouraging her.  Furthermore, I’m going to the Oregon coast tomorrow with friends, to celebrate the end of summer in hedonistic excess.  If Tara and I don’t leave too soon, we also hope to get in a little coast vacation of our own!

One last thing.  At Eunice’s suggestion, Tara and I took a couple more pictures of ourselves to send to our employers.  Some have suggested we look pretty good!


Here’s to the future!



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