July First Update

The days go by, and the bureaucratic requirements of this adventure just seem increasingly wearying. Who wants to think about visas and apostilles in this heat? But regardless, I’m looking forward more and more to our arrival in South Korea. A mild Korean autumn (my best sources tell me that autumns are such there) sounds like just the thing right now.

I thought I’d share some updates on the situation with Tara and myself. First of all, last week Tara got Lasik surgery, and I could not be more excited for her. With only a little initial discomfort, she now has 20/20 vision, all the better to take in the sights of a new country. For a day after the surgery she wasn’t allowed to do any “work” with her eyes, and sadly in this context “work” includes “play” and other enjoyable things. So I spent the day reading a book for her, along with cooking her lunch and acting as her text-message secretary. Tara’s already recovered and enjoying her new vision, so it should pose no problems come the time for our big move.

Other news on my front: my mom recently moved out of the house I spent my teenage years in. I was down in San Diego for a month for my brother’s high school graduation last month, and took the time to help her move her things over to the new house. Even from afar, I’ve found it a little hard to say goodbye to the old place. But times change, and if I have to memorize a new address every once in a while then I’m sure I can manage (especially since I plan to have my mail forwarded there).

July Fourth is coming up soon, an interesting day for reflection as we will presumably spend the next Independence Day abroad. You have to think about your country and your place in it at times like these, and I’ll probably have some more thoughts on that in a bit.

More updates will surely come, hopefully with more creative titles attached! I’m not very good at titles, but I’ll do my best.


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