The First Steps

Greetings, new readers!  Welcome to our travel blog, the official word on our journey to South Korea in search of opportunity and experience.  Tara and I are thrilled by the opportunity to work together on this journal, even as we work together to thrive in a new environment.

Signing on to this adventure took a some thought and consideration.  I tend to be a homebody, and leaving home for an extended period of time struck me with no small amount of trepidation.  But it didn’t take long for Tara and I to conclude that this was the chance of a lifetime, to test our resolve and do something we’d be sure to remember forever.

As of now, we’re still in the stage of getting our various documents in order, to appease the fierce bureaucracy and prepare ourselves for offers from Korean schools.  Our passports are in order and we’re currently requesting criminal record checks from the FBI (apparently, the Koreans don’t want their children learning English from seedier sorts).  Other documents still need to be processed and given an apostille (new word!) before we can begin the “travel” phase of our travels.  But we’re currently on track for a smooth entry into the country and a happy and productive year.

Tara and I will both be making regular updates and building this site as we get the chance.  In the meantime, here’s my dashing mugshot to complement Tara’s.  Once again, thank you for reading and sharing in our adventure!



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